Tesla Model S 75 2015



Tesla Model S 75, 2015 – 3 month warranty.

Action! New premium class winter tires as a gift!

The car is located in Kyiv and is currently being repaired, the price is for a ready-made car, you get the car in a ready-made form.

Tesla to order from $17 000 (turnkey in Ukraine)
There is a system of discounts – check the details with the manager.

Complete set and features:

  • autopilot 1.0 (with active cruise control and parking);
  • restyled bumper (restyled headlights/Plaid bumper – option);
  • rear drive;
  • range of 430 km;
  • acceleration to 100 km/h in 5.4 seconds;
  • ordinary suspension (not pneumatic);
  • panorama with hatch;
  • choice of wheel color;
  • black leather interior;
  • seat heating, seat memory;
  • light sensor, rain sensor.

Software package:

European navigation (paves a route across Ukraine), European 4G modem by agreement), activated CHAdeMO/Supercharger high-speed charging.

Our TCARS dealership has a large selection of Tesla vehicles in stock (ready and in various stages of restoration), on the road, on order, new cars. Call and we will provide complete information and select a car according to your wishes!

Cash and non-cash settlement, credit, leasing, without proof of income.

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in Ukraine

Suspension: Spring suspension

Drive: Rear drive