Tesla Model S AP 3 FSD 100D 2019



Tesla Model S 100D 2019 for sale

Tesla to order from $17 000 (turnkey in Ukraine)

There is a system of discounts – check the details with the manager.

Equipment and features of this car:

  • white leather interior;
  • all wheel drive;
  • autopilot 3 FSD;
  • battery: 100 kW;
  • mileage: 71 thousand km;
  • air suspension;
  • premium music;
  • range: 630km
  • panoramic roof;
  • premium interior lighting;
  • wheel radius: 19;
  • navigation;
  • handles with LED lighting;
  • electric mirrors
  • automatic parallel parking;
  • automatic lane change;
  • car parking;
  • smurt summon;
  • automatic switching of low beam and high beam headlights;
  • collision prevention system with driver warning;
  • standard air filter + HEPA air filter (highly effective absorption of solid particles);
  • Anti-lock braking system (ABS);
  • heated seats for each passenger, heated steering wheel, defrosters for wiper blades and washer nozzles;
  • light sensor, rain sensor;

Software package:

European navigation (paves a route across Ukraine), European 4G modem by agreement), activated CHAdeMO/Supercharger fast charging.

About us:

Our showroom has a huge selection of Tesla cars, both in stock and on the road.
In the same way, you can leave an application for individual selection of a Tesla car, both new and from the auction.
We accompany cars until they are registered.
We have our own service with a service guarantee.

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Additional information

in Ukraine

Suspension: Air suspension

Drive: All Wheel Drive

Autopilot: 3.0 generation